October 2019  
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Donna Arnold, Rector

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Several years ago Joseph Campbell authored a book called The Power of Myth which became such a sensation that a series was developed by PBS. The book posits, among other things, that the power of symbol seems embedded in the human soul. For example, language and words provide symbols in which to convey human thought and experience. From Joseph Campbell I developed a love and appreciation of church steeples, and a habit of driving through towns looking for them. Campbell contends that the most important values of society are often symbolized in its highest buildings. In years past, this was found in the great cathedrals, but modern man has built skyscrapers of much different order, often dwarfing the noblest of cathedrals.
Have you noticed how many of our churches have lost their steeples? It is probably due to the cost of upkeep. It is so heartwarming and brings a smile to my face when I drive up to this beautiful little rural church on a hill with its steeple rising high over the village. It is important to keep this steeple rising high, not simply as part of maintaining the historical integrity of the building, but as part of maintaining the integrity of the faith in our souls. Does our steeple proclaim to us what the hymn declares, “Lift high the cross; the love of Christ proclaim, till all the world adore His sacred name?” It should. Thank you, Joseph Campbell, for reminding us.
Mother Donna, Rector

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